iDealership Magazine website launch

Digital agency GoldSand Digital has launched a website for its dealership magazine team, iDealership Magazine.

The digital magazine team works with car dealerships from Lexus, Land Rover, Volvo, Toyota and Jaguar to produce digital magazines that leverage corporate brand but on a local level, explained agency director, Nick Golding.

LogoBusiness1“Through our digital magazines we help dealerships to market their own personality to their local customers. Less and less people are walking through dealership doors these days, and our research has shown that this format is one that people both like and respond to,” he said.

The website has been created to showcase the work that the iDealership Magazine team has created for dealerships including Lexus Hatfield and Toyota Woodford.

Find out more about the work that the iDealership Magazine team creates with car dealerships to bolster their marketing reach and haul them into the modern digital era. We’d love to discuss our approach to dealership marketing. Call the team on 020 7269 9885 or email

Remember, you can also download the latest iDealership Magazine Guide by clicking here and filling out the form at the top right of the page.