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How it works

iDealership Magazine is a marketing system, not just the design and build of a magazine. A team of professional writers, journalists and marketers work together to:

  • Design and build the bespoke quarterly magazine
  • Market and promote the digital magazine
  • Generate leads and interest from target market
  • Feed leads back to dealership sales teams during three-month cycle

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Meet the dealership

The first, and possibly most important step, is meeting with the dealership.

The first meeting lets us discuss and understand your dealership. We are not working on a faceless and unimaginative corporate newsletter – our system is to understand your approach, and to get your message across.

Neither are we producing magazines to sell cars. Crucial to our aims are: spreading dealership awareness, positioning it in the local area, and reinforcing its reputation among existing customers.

Once the process is up and running, we use the meeting with the dealership to set out a plan for each magazine. Current dealership news, challenges, offers and points of interest are used by our content team to generate feature ideas for the coming issue.

In meeting with the dealership, GSD’s content team can get to grips with your dealership, and create a bespoke magazine to match it.

2. Collaboration

A significant part of our approach is constant correspondence with the dealership. 'Meet the team' pages and personal columns and articles are instrumental in giving the dealership a voice.

Once again, the level of participation is up to you. Team members can submit full pieces, later edited and finalised by us, or articles can be fully generated from a short discussion. Whether by phone interview, email correspondence or in person, team members can lay out the basics of what they would like to include, and our content team will generate an article around it.

The process is most efficient with a strong collaboration. Our team will keep the dealership up to date with progress reports and tangible draft copies at every stage. We value concerns and suggestions to make sure the work we are doing is parallel to the ethos of the company.

3. Design

Once the content and design plan has been laid out, and the content started, our graphic design team start work on building the magazine. For the first issue, our design team mock up a draft template that reflects the individual style of the dealership, and creatively format the content.

We send a photographer to the dealership, and get the photos we need for the issue, and combine them with dynamic headers, embedded video, high-resolution images and click-through links, for a truly engaging reader experience.

Once a draft is completed, we send the complete magazine to you, and taking your feedback into consideration we edit, proof and finalize the issue. It is then ready for release.

4. Marketing

The process doesn’t stop at the launch of the magazine.

As well as content tailored to the needs and identity of your dealership, we carry out specific marketing strategies to maximise exposure to the magazine.

Email Marketing

Our tailored email marketing campaigns are fine-tuned to instantly reach and engage your potential and existing customers in the local area.

GSD create dynamic email templates specific for the dealership. Images, links and social media elements are incorporated to create an engaging and personal user experience.

Social Media

GSD’s iDealership Magazine team also harnesses the power of social media to share and publicise digital magazines. Existing social media accounts can be developed, or new accounts can be created, to increase the online presence of the dealership and publicise the magazine’s launch through the quarter.

5. Reporting

The final stage of our digital magazine process is in its detailed reporting on the reader reception of the magazine.

As well as the number of times the magazine is read, the response can be measured in terms of the most viewed pages, most clicked links, and success of adverts. The activity of ‘call to action’ links, such as those claiming offers or signing up to newsletters, can also be tracked, giving a resolute picture of which factors of the dealership are the most popular among your client base.

The data is collated from magazine readership and engagement, as well as email marketing performance, to provide a list of leads and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the process.

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