Forget four wheels; the future rides on two

For every car sale in Europe, almost two bicycles are sold. The news comes from the European Cyclists’ Federation, who compared figures released by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association which show car sales in the EU27, in 2011, were 13,146,770, with Coliped reports that 20,039,000 bikes were sold in that same period.

As it was previously reported, car sales in Europe have been in decline since 2010. 2012 saw the worst year for car sales since 1995, whilst this February was the slowest in car sales since ACEA started compiling figures.

In contrast, in some capital cities, cycling doubled over the last decade. That’s the case for London and Dublin. Germany saw 50% increase in cycling between 2002 and 2011.
In markets where new car sales have gone up, such as the UK, sales were driven up by hybrids and fuel-efficient cars. Is there a trend coming about? Stay tuned for more.

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