Dealership Magazines – the local representation of the global brand

Video“Many dealer web sites have no video content at all, yet internet usage statistics show that more and more people are watching video online. With the forthcoming emergence of 4G, which will make mobile video a practical reality for many people, demand for online video can only increase and dealers should be thinking about meeting this challenge.”


These are the words of James Tew, director of motor dealer technology firm iVendi, who, in an interview with, pressed that car dealerships should be taking a leaf out of the brand advertising guys’ handbook and modernising their approach to marketing. For Tew, video is essential and dealers should be adding more video to their websites.

The digital revolution has been permeating the motor industry for a number of years, and as its customers grow more and more tech-savvy, dealers have had to adapt to survive and prosper. Smartphones and tablets are the norm, and with that, digital media has grown to be a crucial marketing strategy for any business.


Why should dealers be digitalising now?


For the motor trade, digitalisation also means full transparency. Their customers are privy to unfiltered and complete information about all dealerships in the area. The most effective way to generate steady customer flow is through engagement and long-term customer relationships. It is this new value on customer relationships that has sparked many dealerships’ interest in digital magazines.

So, what can digital magazines represent to the modern car dealership?


Communication on a local level


The vast sums spent on brand advertising has encouraged consumers to ‘know your brand’. We know the German strapline for Audi and the can recite songs that have been used for Mercedes-Benz adverts over the years. Motor industry advertising is hardly subtle.
But, what does that mean for the local customer? Dealers releasing regular quarterly digital magazines keep their readership in touch with the inner workings of the dealership – the local representation of the global brand. This is the customer’s level – articles and car reviews from staff, ‘meet the team’ features and, to keep Tew happy, videos filmed in the dealership. The personal experience that dealerships work can be overshadowed by brand advertising.


How does your dealership make a name for itself in the local area?


Relying on the global presence of a brand means very little for the average dealership. Building a definite presence in the local area – making a name for yourself – is crucial. By issuing a regular digital magazine, dealerships can share what they do with anyone in the area who is interested. Fleet involvements with small local businesses may be of interest to locals, and involvements with local schools, charities and events can cement a dealership’s place in the community. The motor trade is certainly changing. Being ahead of the curve nowadays means honesty and connections with customers, and a digital magazine is demonstrably effective in building relationships and presence in the local area.


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